How it all begann – creating IXI

The idea for IXI came a cold January night in Norway. It was just a few weeks before she was returning to Australia for her final semester at her bachelors degree, and she needed to come up with an idea for her bachelors assignment.

As she was lying in bed working on her ideas, her Macbook started to overheat. Quite annoyed she thought “Why don’t someone create a board to have in bed, which avoid the Macbook from overheating? A board which has clean design and is durable?”.

And that was it. The process of creating the ixiboards began.

Our founder

Caroline Siggestrøm is a Norwegian girl with a big heart for adventure. She likes to know something about everything.

One of her many adventures led her to Australia, where she achieved a Bachelor in Design and Business.

Through IXI she is combining all her knowledge from these different fields, and giving it a shot at her own business.

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